10 famous celebrities who take CBD

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Dr Efe Opone

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CBD has for a long time been seen as a taboo product that people were unsure to take. Instead of
trying CBD out to see if it could help with the symptoms they suffered from, people were happy to
take harder prescription drugs. Whilst these do help them, they also have some crippling side effects
that can leave them in worse condition in other aspects of their life. CBD is a naturally sourced
product without any additional 3rd party chemicals being placed into it to make it effective. To this point,
there are many famous celebrities who take and endorse CBD as an effective & most importantly
safe option to treat the symptoms of a condition you are suffering from.

  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim is known for coming from one of the most recognisable families on the planet. A lawyer, fashion
label designer & many more things she often posts her extravagant, yet a stressful lifestyle. Kim has
told numerous people that she takes CBD gummies regularly, as well as even going as far as to throw a
CBD baby shower for one of her children Psalm West. She also uses CBD cosmetic products that help
with anti-inflammatory & anti-ageing properties.

2. Martha Stewart

The beloved American TV show chef has long suffered from insomnia. She has stated that she
consumes CBD gummies and flavoured oil drops to help her sleep. She has even gone as far as to
create her own CBD brand to help others who are afflicted by the same issues she has. She is also a
well-known animal lover & in 2019 helped launch a line of CBD-based animal products with the
Canadian company Canopy Growth.

3. Tom Hanks

The beloved Hollywood film star known for his famous roles in Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan
and more also has an interest in CBD. He first started to take CBD to help him with his anxiety
issues. Upon taking CBD he found that it had positive impacts on his other symptoms that he
suffered from due to his Type 2 Diabetes. He went on to help with Cornell University research
project, in which they studied how CBD can help those suffering from Diabetes & illness which
emerged from stress.

4. Jennifer Anisto

Loved around the world as Rachel, Jennifer has also had her fair share of stress and anxiety issues.
She started taking CBD in order to relieve herself of the symptoms that she suffered from her mental

health and hasn’t looked back. She has stated that CBD really helped her when she was in a dark
place mentally in relieving the burden of mental health.

5. Steve Kerr

The former NBA player & current Golden State Warriors coach has stated that he believes all the
NBA players currently should take CBD during their recovery and training process. He has stated that
he has used CBD to help with pain relief in the past and present & continues to support and endorse
the industry.

6. Michael J. Fox

The star of Back to the Future regularly takes CBD to help with various issues. When he was 29, he
was told he suffered from Parkinson’s disease. Michael went to found the Michael J. Fox Foundation
carrying out numerous research & studies on CBD & marijuana’s effect on Alzheimer’s and his own
condition. The company also helps fund CBD related studies in general & Alzheimer’s studies.

7. Morgan Freeman

The Hollywood veteran nearly fell victim to a fatal car crash accident in 2008, leaving him to develop
Fibromyalgia, which causes fatigue and extreme pain. Since the incident, Morgan Freeman has been using CBD products to help relieve the pain he feels from his condition. He also is a
continued supporter of the CBD industry and CBD research.

8. Willie Nelson

The country singer is a massive supporter of the CBD industry. He & his wife started their own CBD
brand, “Willie’s Remedy”, producing tea, coffee and CBD oils from American farmed Hemp.

9. Olivia Wilde

The actress suffered a stint of injuries during a 6-month-long Broadway play. She praised CBD stating
that it helped reduce the soreness and muscle pains she suffered daily. She also stated that CBD
helped her avoid taking excessive painkillers.

10. Oliver Stone

The American director & filmmaker began using CBD after he returned from the Vietnam War. Due
to his time in the war, he developed PTSD and began using CBD regularly to help reduce the
symptoms of it daily. Till this day, CBD is used to help veterans of war who suffer from PTSD.

These are just some of the many famous celebrities who take CBD for their various physical and
mental conditions. Whilst CBD is not a miracle drug and cannot cure any of these conditions, it
allows its users to live more comfortably by lessening the burden of their symptoms on a daily basis.

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