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“On a mission to spread
the power of CBD for the masses”

Meet the team who developed HEIKO CBD

Cem Sarisacli


Our founder, Cem Sarisacli, was inspired to start Heiko after seeing the positive impact of CBD on close friends and family, but wanted to create a CBD range that didn’t break the bank, making it affordable for those who use the CBD on a daily basis.

After graduating from University of Manchester in 2018 with a 2:1 in BA (Hons) Ancient History & Archaeology, he decided to leave adventuring to Indianna Jones and started researching CBD and how he could create a brilliant product at a family friendly price point.

Manca Bolcina M.Pharm,

Research & development

I studied at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana. During my studies, I was always fascinated by medicinal plants. As part of my Master’s thesis, I researched CO2 extracts of common buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum). During the research work, I got to know all about the power of CBD and how it can be used to help humans in their day to day lives.

When Cem approached me to help him develop products for Heiko it was something I couldn’t say no to. It’s been an honour to help create high quality but affordable CBD products for the mass market.

Neil Mumbey

Product Manufacturing

Neil has been producing quality products since 2018. Neil, set up a CBD manufacturing business in 2018 after a close friend who’s illness took him on a personal journey to find alternative to classic medicine. After much research he came across CBD and decided to put his focus into creating a range of CBD products that focus on quality at an affordable price point.

Our story

Where it all began....

Heiko is the Japanese word for balance & that’s what we hope to help our customers achieve. We want people to be able to use CBD to gain a balance I their lives from the various symptoms of mental & physical issues they are suffering from.

Heiko began when we saw the benefits of CBD usage on close friends & family who were using products to help them through lockdown & various other issues they were suffering from in life.
However, whilst CBD was helping alleviate their issues, I was shocked to hear the prices that they were buying their products for per month, sometimes at totalling over £100.

We wanted to provide the various physical and mental benefits that CBD brings to the body and mind but wanted to do it at an affordable and reasonable cost for those who have conditions that are aided by cannabinoids.

CBD as a luxury product, which some companies sometimes seem to forget, we want to be able to provide CBD to the largest amount of people for a reasonable price to help them unleash the power of CBD & help them find balance in their lives!

Our mission

‘Spreading the word of CBD to the masses’

Our mission at Heiko is with the power of CBD to help all those that suffer from various medical issues around the world.

We are a family run business & represent that in our brand, providing THC free products that are intended to be used for children suffering from physical or mental conditions.

Our whole goal is to help open CBD as a product that has great potential in helping alleviate symptoms people may suffer from.

We want to be a brand that people can trust & rely on, which is why we provide all our lab reports for products on our website, so everyone can see what exactly goes into our various products.

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