Helping people manage anxiety,
pain, and sleeplessness.

Restore the balance within.

CBD works with the body to restore the balance within.

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After stress and anxiety started affecting Oya’s sleep, she started to feel overwhelmed at work and in her day-to-day life. She explains that Heiko CBD has left her feeling calmer and enjoying a better night's sleep.

Ease pain and soothe your joints.

Are you living with pain? Help ease pain and live comfortably through the power of CBD.


Bruno turned to CBD to help his Mum with her knee joint pain. Using the CBD heat balm on her knee in the evening helped her to sleep through the night and get a better nights rest. Bruno wanted to find a natural alternative to chemical based pain killers that were causing negative side effects.

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Because sleep matters

Start waking up feel refreshed after a good night sleep with Heiko CBD.

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After suffering from restless nights throughout his youth and university days, Alex, turned to Heiko to help him help regulate his sleep cycle. Taking a couple of gummies per day allows him get to sleep quicker in the evening while experiencing a better quality sleep.

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