How Does CBD Help With Anxiety?

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Anxiety is a multifaceted and complex feeling that many people experience on a regular basis. It causes nervousness, unease, and concern, which are frequently accompanied by physical symptoms like as elevated heart rate, quick breathing, and perspiration. Anxiety disorders, which include generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and particular phobias, are the most common mental health difficulties that people experience around the world. In fact, over 275 million people suffer from anxiety disorders.

While traditional solutions for anxiety disorders, such as therapy and prescription drugs, have proven to be successful for many people, there is growing interest in other natural approaches. Consumers are increasingly looking for alternatives to synthetic drugs, which can often have adverse side effects or lead to addiction. Cannabidiol (CBD), a compound derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, has emerged as a viable solution for people looking for a more natural way to manage anxiety in recent years.

CBD has received a lot of attention and praise for its ability to relieve anxiety symptoms. Anecdotal evidence and preliminary study indicate that CBD may provide significant help to a large number of people suffering from anxiety-related illnesses. As the CBD debate continues, it is critical to investigate its potential advantages for anxiety disorders and evaluate how this natural compound may offer a new, holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.

First, What is CBD?

CBD is one of the many chemical substances found in Cannabis sativa plants, which include both hemp and marijuana. Importantly, these plants also contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a different chemical substance that causes the euphoric effects, or “high,” that are frequently connected to marijuana use.

The main difference between hemp and marijuana plants is the amounts of THC in each. Hemp plants, which normally have negligible amounts of THC compared to marijuana plants’ larger levels, are the best choice for extracting CBD because they don’t cause the psychoactive side effects associated with marijuana. As a result, hemp plants are the source of many of the CBD products that are already on the market.

CBD has gained popularity as a popular natural treatment with several possible applications during the past few years. Preliminary studies and anecdotal data indicate that CBD may provide treatment for a number of diseases, despite the fact that research into its therapeutic potential is still in its early stages. Relieving chronic pain, lowering inflammation, joint pain, and enhancing sleep quality are a few of the more frequently reported applications. Also, as previously mentioned, CBD has demonstrated potential in aiding people in managing anxiety and disorders that are associated to it.

Fact: Did you know that the use of CBD in treating pain goes as far back as 2900 B.C.?
In the United Kingdom, CBD has been classified as ‘legal’ by the government. It can be found in various formats, such as tinctures and oils, as well as topical creams, mists, beverages, CBD patches, and chewable gummies. With CBD legal in UK, you can order it without any concerns. If you want to know more about CBD, you can read this informative piece on how is CBD made.

How Does CBD Help Alleviate Anxiety?

Although anxiety problems remain a common concern among people, many are looking for natural methods for alleviating their symptoms. CBD has sparked interest due to its potential efficacy in treating these conditions, opening up a new route for people to pursue as they seek to enhance their mental health.

To comprehend this, we must first explore the world of medical cannabis, which has recently garnered widespread acceptance for its therapeutic potential. Cannabidiol, a fundamental component of the cannabis plant, is well known for its ability to alleviate anxiety and other mental health issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and generalised anxiety.

CBD is a non-psychoactive compound, which means it won’t make your feel high. Instead, it is considered to have a relaxing effect, which can be especially helpful for those suffering from anxiety or PTSD symptoms. The interplay between CBD and our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS) is how CBD helps with anxiety.

The ECS is a sophisticated cell-signaling system that is essential for maintaining body homeostasis or balance. It consists of receptors, enzymes, and endocannabinoids, which the body produces naturally. CB1 and CB2 receptors are the ECS’s major receptors. CB1 receptors are found mostly in the brain, whereas CB2 receptors are found primarily in the immune system.

CBD may aid with anxiety by altering the activity of the ECS. It is believed to interact with CB1 receptors in the brain, which are implicated in mood regulation, stress response, and fear-related behaviour. CBD is thought to block the breakdown of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in mood and anxiety regulation. CBD may produce a sensation of calmness by sustaining anandamide levels.

Furthermore, CBD is known to affect the serotonin system, which is another important factor in the control of anxiety and mood. CBD can act on the serotonin 1A receptor, which may aid to improve serotonin signalling in the brain, according to research. This is significant since low serotonin levels are frequently linked to anxiety and other mental health issues.

What Does Research Suggests When It Comes To CBD Helping With Anxiety?

Now that we know how does CBD affect anxiety, let’s take a look at what does scientific evidence says about it.

One study conducted in Brazil sheds light on the efficacy of CBD in treating anxiety. In this study, 57 male participants were randomly assigned to receive either an oral CBD dose or a placebo 90 minutes before taking a simulated public speaking test. Throughout the test, a 300-mg dose of CBD considerably lowered anxiety levels in the subjects. This discovery highlights CBD’s potential as a therapy option for anxiety, particularly in conditions that may induce such symptoms.

A comprehensive review conducted in 2015, which analysed 49 separate studies, provided supportive evidence indicating that CBD may be beneficial for a range of anxiety-related disorders. These disorders include generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, panic disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Furthermore, the potential benefits of CBD for people suffering from PTSD were investigated in a 2019 study. The study included 11 people who were suffering from PTSD symptoms. An astonishing 91% of these patients reported a notable improvement in their symptoms after being treated with CBD.

Several studies and clinical trials have found evidence to support the use of CBD for social anxiety and other anxiety-related disorders. These studies suggest that CBD has the potential to treat anxiety symptoms, consequently increasing the quality of life for people who suffer from them. This is significant because anxiety can have far-reaching effects on a person’s everyday life, relationships, and general well-being.

In addition to the results discussed above, a recent study conducted in 2022 attempted to assess the efficacy of CBD in treating anxiety and depression symptoms in people with bipolar disorder found that CBD has the potential of working effectively in treating anxiety. During a period of 12 weeks, participants were given 150-300 mg of CBD per day. The study provides additional evidence of CBD’s potential therapeutic advantages in the context of mental health.

What Are Health Benefits of CBD?

CBD, particularly CBD oil, is well known for its potential health advantages. Although it is particularly beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, it also has a number of additional advantages.

Can Help Provide Pain Relief

CBD has shown promise in pain relief through interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is crucial in pain perception management. CBD has been shown in studies to impact endocannabinoid receptor function, resulting in decreased inflammation and interaction with neurotransmitters. This procedure aids in the relief of chronic pain.

Furthermore, evidence suggests that CBD may be especially beneficial in treating some forms of pain, such as nerve pain and back pain. CBD can be utilised as a stand-alone treatment in many cases, offering relief to patients suffering from these severe ailments. CBD’s capacity to address pain in diverse ways demonstrates its adaptability as a medicinal agent for pain management.

May Help Alleviate Certain Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD has been demonstrated to help with chemotherapy-induced cancer pain, nausea and vomiting, which are common side effects of cancer treatment. CBD interacts with certain receptors in the body allows it to reduce these symptoms, offering respite for patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Some studies suggest CBD can help with various cancer-related symptoms and treatment-induced adverse effects, such as pain, in addition to nausea and vomiting. One study looked at the effects of CBD and THC on 177 cancer patients who were suffering pain that was not responding to traditional pain treatment. The study revealed that those who got a compound containing both CBD and THC had a significant reduction in pain when compared to those who received a THC-only extract.

Can Help With Sleep

CBD has been shown to improve sleep quality by addressing underlying reasons such as anxiety, discomfort, and restlessness. Several variables frequently contribute to sleep disruptions, resulting in insufficient or disordered sleep patterns.

CBD can assist to induce a more calm mental state by decreasing anxiety, allowing people to fall asleep more quickly and experience deeper, more restorative sleep. Furthermore, CBD’s pain-relieving effects help alleviate discomfort that might otherwise interfere with sleep, allowing people to sleep more peacefully all night. One study found that CBD can help in management of sleep disorders.

CBD may have a direct effect on sleep in addition to managing anxiety and discomfort. According to some study, CBD can impact the sleep-wake cycle by interacting with particular brain receptors, potentially improving consistent sleep patterns.

Furthermore, CBD has been shown to lower the occurrence of rapid eye movement (REM) sleep behaviour disorder, a condition in which people physically act out their dreams while sleeping in the REM state. CBD can help to make sleep safer and more restful by alleviating this problem.

Can Help With Neurological Disorders

According to preliminary research, CBD may have neuroprotective properties, which could help those suffering from neurological conditions including epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. The interaction of CBD oil with the endocannabinoid system and other signalling systems inside the brain, which play an important role in maintaining neurological health, is responsible for these CBD oil advantages.

In the case of epilepsy, a number of studies have shown that CBD can reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. The recommended CBD dosage for seizure control varies depending on the individual and the severity of their disease, thus it is critical to get advice from a healthcare practitioner.

CBD has showed potential in helping to reduce severe forms of symptoms such as muscle stiffness, spasms, and discomfort in people with multiple sclerosis. According to research, CBD can be especially beneficial in reducing muscle stiffness and discomfort, as well as increasing patients’ mobility and general quality of life.

Can Offer Heart Health Benefits

One of the many CBD oil benefits is that it has been linked to better heart health because of its potential to decrease blood pressure and protect the heart from harm. These advantages make CBD a potentially beneficial supplement for people concerned about their cardiovascular health.

CBD may be especially beneficial for people who have high blood pressure, according to research. In a small-scale clinical trial with nine male participants in good health, each was given 600 mg of CBD oil. The CBD medication dramatically reduced resting blood pressure when compared to a placebo group. This research implies that CBD may have a direct effect on blood pressure management, potentially benefiting persons at risk of hypertension-related health problems.

And that’s not it. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities may also contribute to its cardioprotective properties. These characteristics may assist to minimise blood vessel inflammation, improve circulation, and reduce oxidative stress, all of which are important aspects in preserving heart health and preventing heart disease.

Where To Find The Best Hemp Derived CBD Products For Anxiety

While CBD is legal in the UK, it is imperative to get it from reputable providers because the market is swamped with counterfeit or low-quality hemp-derived CBD products. Buying from reputable suppliers not only ensures product quality, but also that you receive the desired advantages, especially when it comes to anxiety alleviation. Heiko is one brand that has created a name for itself in the production of nonprescription CBD products such as CBD oils and dietary supplements.

Heiko is a UK-based company that takes great pride in manufacturing high-quality CBD products in the country. We are dedicated to providing lab-tested, reliable, and effective natural treatments that harness the power of cannabinoids to help you find relief and feel your best, not just for anxiety but for a variety of other mental health conditions. Heiko has been a favourite alternative for consumers looking for the best hemp-derived CBD products for anxiety by focusing on quality and client satisfaction.

Our pure CBD products are intended to be used as supplementing treatments for a variety of health issues. But, before beginning any CBD treatment, you should always consult with a healthcare professional, especially if you are using other medications.

Heiko provides a diverse assortment of CBD products to meet a variety of needs and references. Our widely popular CBD Oil Drops are available in premium levels of 5%, 10%, and 15%, providing alternatives for both new and seasoned users. Because they are easy to use and can be adjusted to your personal needs, these oil drops can be an excellent alternative for those wishing to ease anxiety symptoms and relieve symptoms linked with other mental health disorders.

We also sell CBD balms for muscle and pain relief in addition to CBD oil drops. Topically administered, these balms can provide focused comfort for achy muscles, aches, and pains. Heiko’s CBD balms are the finest if you’re feeling physical discomfort as a result of your anxiety.

Heiko’s CBD gummies are another excellent choice for individuals who prefer a more pleasurable and accessible way to ingest CBD. These delightful sweets are CBD-infused, making them simple to add into your everyday routine for anxiety alleviation. CBD gummies are also inconspicuous and portable, allowing you to have them on hand whenever you need them.

Buy CBD Oil For Anxiety Today

Heiko also delivers outstanding customer service, ensuring that any inquiries or issues are addressed swiftly and properly. Our helpful and professional staff is always available to help you choose the best CBD product for your needs and help you enjoy considerable improvement in your anxiety levels. Please contact us to know more about broad spectrum CBD products and other cannabis products for significant improvement.

So why not test our CBD products and see what a difference high-quality CBD can make in your

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