How is CBD made & where does our CBD come from?

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CBD is a newly emerging market that is quickly growing in use worldwide. But how many people know how the substance is made & where our oils and other products come from? CBD comes naturally from the marijuana plant. Unlike the other by-products of marijuana- THC, it does not cause any psychoactive effects to one’s mind and body. Due to this CBD is known for its restorative properties & is legal in many countries globally. CBD is traditionally extracted from the marijuana plant and created into an oil, which is then mixed with another oil dubbed as a “carrier oil”. These carrier oils can range from Olive oil, essential oils & more depending on the purpose of the product. Our Heiko Oils are all mixed with MCT oil (Medium Chain triglycerides), which help with the digestion of CBD oil. MCT oil also helps with protecting your heart, a source of energy and defence against bacteria, managing diabetes, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy & autism.


First, in order to create CBD, we must process the industrial hemp in a country that has legalised its farming, such as the US or Europe. This ensures that the cultivated plants contain less than 1% THC, adhering to global policies. These plants are grown specifically with CBD in mind, hence why they contain much more CBD concentrations than they would normally do. These plants are then mixed with solvents, which help bring out the pure CBD oil, as they are particularly effective in separating the CBD molecules from other properties of the marijuana plant.  The most common method of CBD extraction is ‘CO2 extraction’, in which the hemp plant is placed into a chamber with CO2 and then pressure is applied. This then turns the C02 within the chamber into liquid, absorbing the marijuana plants flavour and properties. This process is often used for making essential oils for perfumes or for food additives. This leads to the liquid containing both C02 & CBD, going through a final process of removing the C02 by changing it into a gas from the liquid.

Whilst this method is common and most importantly relatively safe, there is a chance of the end product containing alcohol. However, it is standard that C02 extracted products then go through a further refinement process with alcohol solvent, to create a CBD isolate or distillate.


Heiko CBD oils are made using this C02 extraction method, but we also mix our CBD oil with MCT oil- to better aid in digestion. We also flavour all of our oils, as we know that the original hemp flavour can sometimes throw off consumers due to its strong taste. We do this by adding natural flavours into the process.


Another form of extraction is by using liquid solvents such as butane, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol. This is considered to be one the simplest extraction methods for CBD, as alcohol solvents are believed to keep the natural properties of CBD intact during the extraction process. However, there has been some noticeable negatives to this process. Certain studies have shown that the solvent residue does not fully evaporate during the extraction process. Also, the natural solvents like ethanol being used in this process, can often extract the chlorophyll during the process creating an unpleasant taste within the oil.



The increase in legalisation and popularity has led to an influx in CBD products. Ranging from everything from the traditional oils to alcoholic beverages. This increased popularity has led to numerous people trying to take advantage of the industry & the properties of CBD by creating poor and non-effective ‘copycat’ products. These products are extremely dangerous as they do not come from a verified source of production, an example of this is recently a young woman in London who died from taking CBD oil, which had been mixed with a harder illegal A class drug that she was unaware of. It is important to ensure that you are buying from a verified vendor of CBD, who is getting their products from producers who are on the country of origins Public List- a list of producers and vendors who have gone through strenuous testing & validation by the government to ensure their products are safe. Production of CBD from its source plant is increasingly becoming a popular crop to grow for farmers, becoming the 5th most valuable farming commodity in America. We are also seeing countries that traditionally have classed CBD as an illegal drug, such as Thailand, legalising the farming of marijuana. Many places around the world are allowing their farmers to legally grow marijuana for use in CBD, which will see an increase in variety of products & also product legitimacy.

Here at Heiko we believe in sourcing the finest products, with both safety & quality taken in every step of the CBD production process. Our Heat balm & various flavoured sweets all come from a UK producer named Apex White Label. Based in the UK, they have been active in the industry since 2019 and help service many clients searching for their perfect CBD formula.  Our oils are sourced from a company called Essentia Pura. Having been active since 2014, Essentia Pura farms their hemp seeds in specially selected regions of Italy. They then put the seeds through their state-of-the-art supercritical C02 extraction method, bringing the most & best from their CBD products.  Currently the industry as a whole is undergoing massive government legislation, with the introduction of the Public List. Whilst CBD is legal in most countries & has been for a while, there was confusion as to what CBD should be categorised under- as it can go into products that you digest, but also products that you may apply cosmetically. The UK & Europe are undergoing strenuous testing and vetting of producers and CBD products to ensure their safety and effectiveness. We are currently waiting for our status to be approved as buyers from a verified producer, with Apex White Label & Essentia Pura having been put on the public list (for both UK & EU lists), but awaiting confirmation.

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