Is CBD not working for you?

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Dr Efe Opone

MBBS / BSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

Whilst CBD has had a relatively large boom as an industry and product, tackling many medical issues
which are physical or mental. Many people might take CBD and feel like they are not gaining the
benefits that are often talked about or seen online. So why is this happening?

Dosage Level
One of the many reasons CBD might not work for you is the level of dosage you are
taking. The various CBD companies do not have a set amount of dosage recommendations across
the board. Some brands might suggest only taking 1 drop or multiple drops in one go, without
accounting for the CBD strength percentage. This may also be due to you not having fully gotten CBD
accustomed to your diet regime and need to be patient when digesting CBD. It roughly takes 2 weeks
for your digestive system to fully get accustomed to CBD. It is important to realise that if you are
taking 1 drop a day is something equivalent to 2mg of CBD, which is an extremely low amount. This
is something to consider if you are suffering from more severe symptoms of an affliction and to take
that into account when you are consuming CBD.

Unreliable source of CBD
Another major issue is that CBD that you have purchased might not have come from a reputable
source. Whilst the industry has increasingly stricter and safer regulations in place, there is still plenty
of people who sell CBD products that are defunct & not sourced from a proper producer. The UK
government and EU are working on reducing this problem by compiling a public list. This
public list is intended to show every government-approved producer and vendor. Anyone not
on this public list or who has a rejected application should not legally be selling their products, as they
have failed their toxicology reports or other tests that the Food agency has put to them. If the place
you are buying CBD from does not produce their lab results at your request or have them already on
their site, then this is a bad sign. Lab results are intended to show the consumer that what we are
saying on the package is true & and any reputable brand would be happy to prove this.
CBD takes patience.

Some people think that CBD is a quick-fix product. Just like with any medication or healthcare
product, it will take time to start seeing effects. This is again partly due to the digestive system getting
accustomed to CBD within your routine. It is also important to state that CBD is not curative and
will not rid you of any of the problems you suffer. CBD is intended to help aid you in living day to day
without suffering such severe symptoms of your affliction. It may take a good couple of weeks for
you to start seeing any positive impact of CBD on your body. It may be worth cataloguing your CBD
use, how many drops or does you take in a day & how you feel after, in order to better understand
how the process is going. This will help identify if the product you are using is working or not & after
a few months or so if there is no change it might be worth changing providers or methods.

Using The Right CBD Product For You
The form of CBD you are taking might not be the best suited for your ailment. It is important to know
that each form of CBD, be it the oils or the gummies, each has their own specific ailments that they
tackle. Whilst all the forms will relatively aid in alleviating all the problems that CBD tackles,
something like creams and balms might be more effective for skin or muscle & nerve issues. It is
important to note that CBD will have varying absorption rates depending on the form. For example,
the gummies will only allow your body to absorb around 20-30% of the CBD ingested, whilst
sublingual sprays (sprays u use underneath your tongue), will have a greater absorption rate as they
get directly absorbed into the bloodstream and pass the digestive tract. CBD comes in many various forms and if you feel like the way you are taking it is not that effective, then do not feel afraid to
seek out different forms to help you with your symptoms.

Time Held Under The Tongue
It may also be that you are not holding the CBD underneath your tongue for long enough. At the
start of the industry, most companies believed that 20-30 seconds was an appropriate amount of
time to get the best effects from CBD. Thanks to CBD Sloth it is now suggested to keep CBD
underneath your tongue for 1-2 minutes for a better effect and absorption rate.

Tolerance Level Is Too High
Another reason may be that your tolerance level is high. This often occurs to those that have taken
CBD for a long time or have taken other forms of marijuana. Some people are also just genetically
predisposed to handling CBD, it is therefore suggested that instead of just taking a leap of faith as a
new CBD user, to start of low and slowly increase the dosage or % strength until you find the level
that suits you and your needs.

CBD Doesn’t Work For All
Finally, it may just be that CBD does not work for you. Whilst I am sure this is not the news anybody
wants to hear, there is no 100% agreed-upon reason that CBD works for every single person. This
may be just due to circumstances, like working a super high energy job & no amount of CBD will reduce the stress you gain from it or the lack of sleep you might have due to it. Of course, this has
been put last on the list of all the reasons, as it the above reasons are more plausible. But, again,
CBD oil sometimes just won’t work on some people for various reasons.

With an increase in regulation, CBD is becoming safer & more effective, pushing out these dodgy and
unreliable vendors who are only providing CBD to make a quick profit, instead of providing CBD to
actually, help and benefit people who suffer from afflictions that it can help with.

Before you go ahead and stop trying CBD to help with your symptoms, check that you are not
doing any of the above and make changes where necessary to get the best use out of your CBD

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