Top 5 Myths About CBD

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Dr Efe Opone

MBBS / BSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, has been a relatively new and fast-growing industry globally.
But Humans have used Hemp since the dawn of civilisation for various medicines and cures to
ailments, for example in the ancient world the Romans and others would use hemp to help speed
the recovery of wounds. Whilst there are documented positives to CBD, there are some claims which
count as misinformation and can actually do detrimental harm to the way people view the product.

CBD cures Cancer
CBD has been shown to have positive effects on those suffering from cancer in regards to providing a
more natural and less chemical way of alleviating the symptoms. However, some people have
claimed that CBD can cure Cancer. This is not true, there has yet to be definitive enough evidence to
provide that CBD can cure someone of Cancer.

However, there have been case studies and research conducted with CBD that shows it can help kill
Cancer cells, as well as help cancer cells from growing. It is important to note that this is still very
early within the research and studies being conducted on CBD for Cancer. Until there are larger
focus groups used to study the effect of CBD on Cancer, we cannot say for certain that it can
help cure Cancer or kill Cancer cells.

CBD is a Scam
Due to CBD being a relatively new industry it has led to many people being speculative to it as a
product. This is especially true when somebody has taken CBD & out ruled it as it did not help them
quick enough. CBD is a natural & organic product that essentially helps boost your bodies normal
systems, you cannot expect it to work within a 3- or 4-day period, as your body needs to get
accustomed to it within your system.

CBD is unlike the harder prescribed drugs, as everything within CBD is a natural or organically made
product, unlike hard steroids or antibiotics that contain opioids- which is essentially regulated
heroin. You must be patient and diligent in your routine of taking CBD to help alleviate your
symptoms, remembering that it will not cure you of your issue, but help you live easier with the
issues you suffer day to day.

The CBD Industry Is Sketchy
Again, with CBD being a new industry it is hard to have built up enough trust between new
customers and companies, compared to such companies like Coca-Cola, who have been operating

for decades. There is also the case of people “jumping on the bandwagon”, essentially purely trading
CBD in order to make a profit.

It is important to thoroughly research the CBD company you plan to buy from. Some tell-tale signs
that a CBD company is not legitimate is if they do not post or readily make available their lab results
for their products. Products should not have a higher dose of 1% THC in them, usually most
companies cap this at 0.3%. The industry is also going through a mass wave of regulation called the
public list, which you should be able to find the company or their producers pending for approval or
already approved on the list.

CBD Get You High & Is Addictive
The most commonly believed myth about CBD is that it has the same effects as smoking marijuana.
This is most certainly NOT true. Whilst CBD will have the same compound that is in Marijuana (THC),
as stated previously it is capped at 0.3%. This is such a low level that it cannot be picked up on drugs
tests, alongside the fact that it cannot produce psychoactive effects on your mind and body. The
hemp that is used to create CBD is strictly regulated and grown specifically be put into CBD products.

There have been cases of people buying ‘copycat’ CBD products, which are not regulated & often
mixed with harder drugs. This has led to people being hospitalised or having terrible experiences
with what they believed to be CBD. This is why it is important to check which companies you are
buying from & ensure that they are safe and reliable.

CBD Is A Miracle Cure
As stated previously in this blog, many people believe that CBD is a miracle drug that can cure all.
With a lot of the science and news around CBD, it could be easy to believe that it is a miracle drug.
However, this is not the case. On the science side, there is clearly a benefit that CBD provides to our
bodies, especially those suffering from an illness or condition. It is still too early in the stages of
research to decree that CBD is a medical product, hence why in the UK & other places around the
globe it is classed as a dietary supplement.

The fact that CBD does have a high potential to help people with their issues can be seen, but again
it is important to state that CBD is not a curative. It will not cure you of the issue you suffer from, but
it can help you deal with the symptoms of the issue. Also, it is always important to check which form
of CBD is best suited to your condition, as external physical issues such as eczema will not have the
same treatment plan as those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

CBD certainly has a lot of potential to help those around the world & whilst it is important to spread
CBD to as many people who might benefit from it as possible, it is also important for us to ensure that misinformation about CBD is not spread and that we are being honest & transparent with what
CBD can do for you and your issues.

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