What is the best CBD for you?

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Dr Efe Opone

MBBS / BSc Sports and Exercise Medicine

Cannabidiol (CBD) come in every form imaginable. From the well-known oils & edibles to more out-of-the-box products such as beer & wine. It is important to know which CBD would best suit you and
the ailment you are looking to help make better, as you want to get the most effective use out of
your CBD products.

The most popular and most effective way to benefit from CBD is via ingestion. This is due to our
body breaking down the molecules within the products more efficiently and sending them via our
nervous system to keep our CB1 & CB2 receptors working longer.

CBD Oils
Oils are the best way to get CBD into your digestive system & thus making it one of the most effective forms of taking CBD for any problems you may have. The key is to place a few drops under your tongue and hold it there for at most a minute in order to get the most out of BCD, making you feel the effects of
it quicker. This is also the case for any CBD sprays that you may be interested in taking, as they
bypass the digestive system and the time it takes to break down the CBD molecules, allowing for
a quicker effect to take place. The best form of CBD to take is the full spectrum. These are CBD products
that contain CBD, but also a regulated level of THC (under 1%). Due to the low level of THC, there is
close to no chance of CBD becoming addictive, to the point that CBD is often used to help those who
are suffering from various drug addiction problems in their rehabilitation. Studies have shown that
CBD works best when THC is also within the product, as they are believed to work in tandem with
each other.

Whilst Broad Spectrum CBD contains no THC, which is the substance from the marijuana plant that
creates psychoactive effects on the mind and body. This still has the health benefits provided by
CBD, but is intended for those who may wish to take products that have no THC in them, for instance,
those who are giving THC to children. Both full and broad spectrum are generally less processed as a
product, which helps maintain certain chemical compounds from cannabis that provide added
health benefits. These oil forms are great to take if you suffer from the majority of symptoms that
CBD can help treat such as pain relief, various mental health issues, anti-inflammation, and sleeping
issues among many more.
At Heiko, we have also mixed all of our CBD oils with MCT oil, which aids in digestion, as well as 2
flavours for you to choose from. When first taking the oils, you will need to allow your body to get
accustomed to the oil within your routine, which is why we recommend taking 2-3 drops at least 3
times a day for 2 weeks. After your body has gotten accustomed to CBD, you may then switch up
your routine in order to better alleviate the symptoms you may be suffering from. For example,
take 6 drops before your sleep if you are suffering from poor sleep.

CBD Oil has also proven to be effective for people with sensitive skin, often helping prevent
breakouts of itchiness or dry skin, as seen in a study conducted in 2019. This is again attributed to
the anti-inflammatory properties within the cannabidiol (CBD) and is often used by people to help
prevent breakouts of eczema, dermatitis & psoriasis. These products are meant for exterior issues
dealing with the skin or if you are using something like our balm, a cream that can help deep muscle
& nerve tissue pain.

CBD Edibles

Edibles are also an extremely popular form of CBD. They provide a tastier way to incorporate CBD
into your diet. They also help cover up the hemp taste that some CBD oils and other products might
give off. Whilst edibles are great to consume, studies have shown that the process to break down
edibles does not allow for the full absorption of CBD into the body, only absorbing around 20-30%
of CBD. Also, the time it takes to fully break down the CBD is roughly 2 hours, in comparison to the
oils which kick in in a few minutes. Nonetheless, edibles are a great form of CBD to take, especially if
you find it quite hard to take CBD oil or tablets.

CBD Creams
CBD can also be found in a cream or balm form. These are CBD products that are used for the
exterior body. Heiko has a CBD heat balm which aids in reducing the aches and sores you might be
suffering from with muscles & nerve pain. There are many other products that use CBD for helping
ease eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis & more. This is due to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD, with
studies showing positive effects in treating various skin conditions. CBD also includes anti-oxidants &
antibacterial properties, which help in keeping skin looking youthful and flexible, with a 2017 study
showing it helped with anti-ageing & wrinkles, as well as helping fight infections- shown in this study
conducted in 2016.

There are many more forms of CBD out there and each one will help in reducing the symptoms of a
specific issue. It is worthwhile that you know what CBD is best for your issue, so you can most
effectively tackle the symptoms that may hinder your life day to day. It is also important to note that
if you are currently on prescribed medicine for any issues, it is best to consult your doctor that taking
CBD will not have an adverse effect on your body.

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